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£1200 of grant funding is now available for schools and colleges from the Department of Education to train Senior Mental Health Leads.

Second grant available – schools and colleges can claim a second grant if their previously trained Senior Mental Health Lead has left their position. 

Funding has been extended until the 31st March 2025!

Our course code is SMHL138, you will need to enter this as part of the DfE grant application.

If you would like to self-fund the training please click the individuals link below.

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Schools/ Colleges

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If you are interested in self-funding the Senior Mental Health Lead training click below.

Improve your School or College's approach to Mental Health.

Our DfE approved course is modular and flexible and offers a mix of online & video instruction, directed reflection, webinars and coaching to best suit your learning needs.  You will cover the following:

Getting the basics right – Learn the wellbeing scale from flourishing to mental health issues.

Clarity first – Evaluate the state of mental health and its policies in your school.

The change starts with you – Become a role model by using wellbeing inducing leadership skills

Better together – Co-create your schools’ wellbeing vision for a transformative and inclusive environment.

Learn and grow – Focus on upskilling multi-stakeholders alongside curricular frameworks for key culture change.

Reach for effective care – Identify indicators for swift mental health interventions, including students voice.

Moving forward – Evaluate and optimise all changes for wellbeing sustainability.

Sharing best practice – Online community of like minded SMHL, sharing a passion for people’s mental wellbeing.

The Outcome

After course completion you will be able to confidently support your school on the road to more wellbeing. 

You will know how to:

  • Promote wellbeing and organise professional mental health support 
  • Evaluate what works and what needs change
  • Lead change mind- and skilfully  
  • Create dialogue and buy-in in your community
  • Offer targeted learning for teachers, students, parents
  • Take swift action when effective care is needed
  • Improve and adapt the action plan for lasting change

Your Road to Success

This course is only the beginning. Once your course is completed we will support you further:

  • We will help you implement your developed whole school change action plan
  • You will get CPD credits and a certificate to validate your course efforts
  • You can continue to connect and learn with other Senior Mental Health Leads through our online SMHL community hub
  • You can join our additional complimentary personal Wellbeing Programme
  • You can access our “Using strengths in the classroom course” for enhanced student engagement

Key Programme Characteristics 


Modular activities to build strategic action plan which supports positive whole-school change.


Previous successful TSP SMHL remain members for continued access and ongoing support.


SMHL Community Platform – connect with other SMHL, access ongoing expert peer support, coaching and networking.


Modular self-paced, on-demand sessions which are accessible at your convenience.


One to One coaching, mentoring or supervision between our experts and the senior leads.


Regular live engagement group sessions, held by expert presenters in mental health education with Q&A in each module.


Group coaching, mentoring or supervision between our experts and multiple senior leads.


Modular knowledge tests and end assessment to enable certificate completion and CPD credits.


Modular resources, activities, reflection, and expansion of concepts through playbook to support each module.

Our Experts

Dr Elke Paul

Dr. Elke Paul, is co-founder of  CreatePositive, a professional learning ecosystem to advance mental wellbeing and human skills. She is an international education and mental wellbeing consultant, content developer, facilitator, and speaker.

She is passionate about Wellbeing Transformation Programs and has experienced them turn schools into empowered flourishing organisations. She believes wellbeing education needs to sit at the core of any school education alongside academic knowledge development. Dedicated leadership and staff up skilling and community participation are crucial levers for success. As a board member of the Spirituality and Meaning Division at the International Positive Psychology Association she is convinced, the art of slowing down, mindfulness, and developing a healthy relationship with oneself are additional drivers for a positive change in schools. 

Given current global challenges, and with teachers and students specifically, wellbeing education needs to get to schools directly and more professionally. Through CreatePositive Elke has been able to support and empower other educators with strategies, tools and knowledge to enable them to bring about whole-school wellbeing change within their school communities.

Ella Savell-Boss

Ella is an NSPCC accredited safeguarding trainer and has over 17 years’ experience of working with children and families in education and safeguarding. Her roles have included working across the whole school community with children, families, staff, governors, and external agencies. Ella led her previous school in achieving Optimus Education and Children’s Society Wellbeing Award and has supported and advised other schools working towards this award.

Ella has worked as a frontline lead for safeguarding, emotional health, and wellbeing across a Multi-Academy Trust in a highly deprived area and has experience on leading staff and community in developing new ways to increase learning, understanding, monitoring and evaluation.

Understanding school safeguarding management, challenges, pressures, and barriers posed, gives her the depth of understanding to support future Senior Mental Health Leads to overcome these. Ella is passionate about ensuring adequate wrap-around support is provided to staff holding these key roles and foundation for bringing about whole school change.

Ella has seen the growing need for a Senior Mental Health role to be established within schools and this makes her an ideal expert support for the Thirsty Scholars Partnership SMHL programme.

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